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1. Chat Rules

1.1 The only supported language is English. It’s better if you speak foreign languages only in DMs [warn/mute 5-15min]

1.2 Spamming the chat with letters, similar, or the same phrases is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 15m-2h]

1.3 Swearing is allowed but not at other players. [Warning/Mute 30m-2h]

1.4 Making fun of mental / physical disorders is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m-2h]

1.5 Always respect others and do not purposely try to annoy people. [Warning/Mute 45m/Ban 15m]

1.6 Politics and any talk of politics or religion must be kept out of the chat completely. [Warning/Mute 15m-60m]

1.7 Advertising other servers is not allowed. This includes mentioning the names of other servers in chat. [Mute/IP ban]

1.8 Begging for rank, fly, creative mode, etc. is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m]

1.9 Disrespecting staff team is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m-1d]

1.10 Leaking player’s personal information without their consent is not allowed. [Mute 1-7d/IP Ban]

1.11 Any sort of racism or discrimination is strongly prohibited. [Mute 1h-3d]

2. Build Rules

2.1 Do not make death traps for players. This includes killing a player after teleporting them to /home/warp/someone or setting /home near foreign regions to spam kill its members. [Ban 1-7d]

2.2 Griefing any build that you did not make, regardless of whether it is claimed or not, is not allowed. [Ban 3-14d]

2.3 Signs promoting racism or breaking other chat rules, inappropriate builds, lavacasts, other abusive builds are not allowed. [Warning/Ban 1d]

2.4 Claiming builds you did not make is allowed but the claim may be removed if the builder asks.

2.5 Exploiting bugs and glitches is not allowed. [ban 1-7d]

2.6 Spam killing to farm kills is not allowed. [Stats reset / ban 1-3d]

3. Account Rules

3.1 Your account is your responsibility and we can punish the account for breaking rules whether it was you or not.

3.2 Selling or sharing your account is strongly prohibited. [Ban FOREVER + Account reset]
** For those whose accounts were shared before the rule was added (05/03/2024), we can make an exception.

3.3 Any way to impersonate another player or staff is prohibited. [Warning/Ban 1w/Ban forever]

3.4 Creating account with inappropriate** username is not allowed. [Ban forever]
** It includes any offensive, political, religious usernames.

4. Hacking, Texture Pack, Auto Clicker and Illegal Activity Rules

4.1 You must not have any hack clients, cheat texture packs (X-Ray) or auto clickers installed. [Ban 1d/Ban forever]

4.2 Using a weight or tape to hold down your mouse is not allowed. [Warning]

4.3 You cannot use macro scripts to initiate interval commands or auto joining. [Warning/Ban 1d]

5. Voting Rules

5.1 Using a VPN to vote more than once every 24 hours, whether it be for an alt or the same account, is not allowed. [Warning/Ban 1-5d + Reward reset]

6. Punished Account Rules

6.1 If you have a punishment and use an alternative account to enter the server, you will immediately receive a full ban on your alt account and extension of your current ban if not already permanent.

7. Scamming / Deception / Exchanges Rules

7.1 Scamming players is not allowed. This includes selling people items with false information. [Warning/Ban 7-14d]

7.2 You can accept / offer real money for an in-game trade however you own 100% of the risk and MineBerry will not be involved in settling and legal disputes for either party.

8. Payment Rules

8.1 There is a strict no refund policy since the items and ranks you receive are Digital Intangible Items.

8.2 Issuing a chargeback or any form of legal action against us will cause ban for all your accounts. [IP Ban FOREVER + Account reset]

8.3 If the payment went through but you did not receive your goods, contact staff with a receipt which is emailed to you after the purchase.

9. Donator Command Rules

9.1 Setting an offensive prefix/suffix/nickname is prohibited. Any mention of politics, religion, race is also prohibited. [Warning/Ban 1w]

9.2 Using donator perks to damage/lag server or players. [Ban 5d/Ban forever]