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Global Server Rules

Chat Rules

● 1.1 It's better if you speak English in the main chat.

● 1.2 Spamming the chat with letters, similar, or the same phrases is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 15m]

● 1.3 Swearing is allowed but not at other players. [Warning/Mute 30m]

● 1.4 Making fun of mental / physical disorders is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m]

● 1.5 Always respect others and do not purposely try to annoy people. [Warning/Mute 45m/Ban 15m]

● 1.6 Politics and any talk of politics must be kept out of the chat completely. [Warning/Mute 15m]

● 1.7 Advertising other servers is not allowed. This includes mentioning the names of other servers in chat. [Mute/IP ban]

● 1.8 Begging for rank, fly, creative mode, etc. is not allowed. [Warning/Mute 30m]

Build Rules (does not affect Anarchy)

● 2.1 Do not make death traps for players. [Ban 15m]

● 2.2 Griefing any build that you did not make, regardless of whether it is claimed or not, is not allowed. [Ban 1-5d]

● 2.3 Racist/abusive builds are not allowed. [Warning/Ban 1d]

● 2.4 Do not remove bedrock. [Warning/Ban 1d]

Account Rules

● 3.1 Your account is your responsibility and we can punish the account for breaking rules whether it was you or not.

● 3.2 Selling your account is strongly prohibited. [IP ban FOREVER + Account reset]

● 3.3 Any way to impersonate another player or server admin is prohibited. [Warning/Ban 1w/Ban forever]

Hacking, Texture Pack, Auto Clicker and Illegal Activity Rules

● 4.1 You must not have any hack clients, cheat texture packs (X-Ray) or auto clickers installed. [Ban 1d/Ban forever]

● 4.2 Using a weight or tape to hold down your mouse is not allowed. [Warning]

● 4.3 You cannot use macro scripts to initiate interval commands or auto joining. [Warning/Ban 1d]

Voting Rules

● 5.1 Using a VPN to vote more than once every 24 hours, whether it be for an alt or the same account, is not allowed. [Warning/Ban 1-5d + Reward reset]

Banned Account Rules

● 6.1 Do not bypass bans with alternative accounts. If you have a temporary ban and use an alternative account to enter the server, you will immediately receive a full ban on your main account.

● 6.2 Do not submit ban appeals for temporary IP bans.

Scamming / Deception / Exchanges Rules (does not affect Anarchy)

● 7.1 Scamming players is not allowed. This includes selling people items with false information. [Warning/Ban 1d]

● 7.2 You can accept / offer real money for an in-game trade however you own 100% of the risk and MineBerry will not be involved in settling and legal disputes for either party.

Payment Rules

● 8.1 There is a strict no refund policy since the items and ranks you receive are Digital Intangible Items

● 8.2 Issuing a chargeback or any form of legal action against us will cause [IP Ban FOREVER + Account reset]

Donator Rules

Donator Command Rules

● 9.1 Using donator commands to benefit other players is not allowed. (Includes commands like /fix and etc.) [Warning]

● 9.2 Setting an offensive prefix/suffix/nickname is prohibited. [Warning/Ban 1w]

● 9.4 False bans are stricly prohibited. [Ban 5d/Ban forever]

● 9.5 Abusing donator commands and annoying players. You should stop if player asks. (For example: troll commands abuse). [Ban 5d/Ban forever]

● 9.6 Using donator commands to damage/lag server or players. [Ban 5d/Ban forever]

● 9.7 Donators with unlimited claims are not allowed to claim regions larger than 20 million blocks. [Warn + Region reset/Ban 1w]