Christmas Season & Reset Announcement

Dear players! The MineBerry Team is pleased to announce something new!

Today we made a little update and we want to share it with you! Here is what we have done: 💬 Added Chat Emoji on every game mode! - You can now use multiple emojis in chat, such as ❤️ and ☃️. For example, :60: will be replaced with ❤️. To view the full list of supported emojis, use command - /emoji 📊 Improved Bedwars Statistics! - Statistics are updated more frequently - You can now view your position in leaderboard and your statistics per week, month and all time 🔥 Bedwars Update! - Added a few new items to the game: * Golem Defender who will protect you and your team * Pop-up Tower which will instatly build a tower - Added a new command to disable party invites - /party toggle - Added a new command to ignore player's messages - /ignore - Added Personal Settings in lobby - /settings - Starting from Diamond rank you can turn off chat ads ✨ Fun Additions! - Added a new command to sit on another player's head - /sitplayer [username] (player must accept the request) - Added a new command to hug a player - /hug - Added a new command to bite a player - /bite - Added a new command to shake hands - /shakehand - Added a new command to crawl - /crawl - Added a new command to spin - /spin 🐛 Bedwars Bug Fixes! - Fixed Bedwars & other minigames rank perks - Fixed a bug where the game would not end - Fixed /lay command (not all players could see you)

On the 23rd of December (11:00 GMT / 12:00 CET / 06:00 EST), MineBerry is getting a new winter-theme update and a server reset. This is the first major update since the Summer Update, and we hope it brings you a huge variety of new experiences to explore and play with.

Every game mode except Mini Games will be reset and updated.

We look forward to seeing you on MineBerry! 🍒